Vitamin C - Immune Support Formula


“I decided to try Dr. Price’s Vitamin C as I felt I was coming down with a cold. It worked! I got immediate relief. It has so many great immune system protecting nutrients plus I love the flavor! I’m not a fan of being sick. I feel miserable. So I’m pleased I’ve finally found a product that has helped me not catch a cold or the flu.” –J.T.

What a fantastic product! I especially love the amino acid blend it contains. My kids can’t stop drinking it – they love the orange tang-like flavor and it doesn’t contain sugars or artificial flavors. Dr. Price’s Vitamin C is a definite staple at my house.” –L.N.

Energy & Metab Vites


The Energy Vites are so delicious!  They give me a nice sustained energy feeling. No spike and then sudden decrease in energy after they wear off but just an over-all increase in energy.  I pour them in my water bottle whenever I go running or biking.” -J.M.

 "I noticed after taking the Energy/Metab Vites regularly that I wasn’t so drained at the end of the day.  I was experiencing some real low energy problems for quite some time but this has practically disappeared! I like the fact that they don’t contain any stimulants but increase my energy naturally.” -S.L.


"I have been taking vitamins ever since I can remember and have read a lot of information about their various benefits.  However, never have I actually felt different when taking them, although I tend to be quite healthy and know they contribute to that.  But recently I started taking Dr. Price's Energy and Daily Power Vites and, for the first time, I actually notice a real difference.  I feel brighter.  I have more energy.  I have fewer instances of memory problems.  And I can tell that my metabolism is definitely running stronger. And, of course, it is a huge plus to not have to be taking handfuls of pills.  To be able to take my vitamins for the day in one pleasant-tasting drink is just wonderful!"



Sleep Vites




I just want to thank Dr. Price for developing a Sleep vitamin.  Before I started taking the 8-Hour Sleep vitamins I was getting about 5 to 6 hours of sleep a night.  I would try going to bed early and it would take me up to an hour to fall asleep.  I would be tossing and turning, thinking about what I needed to do the next day, etc.  And I would stress about not falling asleep and how I need to get sleep, which would then keep me up even longer.  Dr. Price then told me about his Sleep vitamins.  Just half a teaspoon in 4 ounces of water and I take it 5 to 10 minutes before bed.  I get into bed with all the lights off and focus on how comfortable I am and within a few minutes I’m knocked out.  I have never been able to fall asleep so quickly.  It’s a great feeling to lay down and then next thing you know you’re waking up to your alarm.  I wake up feeling amazed every morning knowing that I slept through the whole night.  Not to mention it tastes great!  I love that I know that I’m going to get the sleep I need every night.  I have been taking the Sleep formula for over a month now and it still works every night.  I get the sleep I need and wake up ready for my day every morning.”  -C.G.




 “I have been unable to sleep through a straight night for two weeks.  Every day getting up at 4:00amand not being able to go back to sleep.  It was wearing me down very badly.  I just needed to sleep!  A friend told me about this Sleep vitamin that Dr. Price has and I immediately ordered it.  I took it for the first time last night and could not believe it I slept the entire night.  I got up one time to go to the bathroom and went straight back to bed and fell asleep and did not wake up till 6am.  I felt so happy again and not grumpy and I could not believe I slept the entire night even after one minor bathroom break!!!  Thanks for all your help Dr. Price – Great job on the formula.”  -L.H.




 “The Sleep Vites are a GODSEND!  I have had trouble with sleeping for 20 years, including waking up at2-3 am and unable to go back to sleep.  I take a normal dose when I go to bed and another normal dose again in the middle of the night, and regularly get around 7 hours of sleep, which is all I need and want.  The sleep is deep and relaxing.  I cannot envision someone continuing with a sleep problem after they try these out, with the advice that you should use as much as it takes to make it work well for you.” -D.T.




I’m hooked on the Sleep Vites!  I sleep deeper than before I started taking them.  Any trouble of falling asleep and/or staying asleep is no longer an issue with the Sleep Vites.  It’s a nice natural deep sleep.” -K.T.




Daily Power Vites


My wife had trouble taking vitamin tablets and we needed a way to give our toddler vitamins, but all of the various liquid vitamins we tried were pretty gross.  Dr. Price’s Daily Power Vites have been the perfect solution for us.  Every day for almost a year, my wife and son have shared a packet mixed with diluted juice and they both love it.” -K.C.


“I feel brighter and more alert now that I started taking the Daily Power Vites every day.  I know they are working because I can feel the difference and I’m getting the multi-vitamins my body needs.  My kids and I love the taste!” -A.L.

I just want to say great job on a great multi vitamin! This is the first time where I actually took a multi that I can feel the boost in mental and physical energy. I notice that I feel kind of sluggish and mentally drained if I don't take them for a few days. The flavor is better than most too!” -D.N.



Electrolyte Mix


“As an athlete I don’t know what I’d do without Dr. Price’s Electrolyte Mix.  They completely handled any cramping that I was getting and my endurance increased markedly!!  I never get heat exhaustion or hit the “wall” when exercising or competing.  They keep me hydrated perfectly.” -B.G.


The Electrolyte Mix is a wonderful product.  Tastes amazing and keeps me hydrated.  Living in Florida the heat can be quite unbearable so the Electrolyte Mix is very important to keep my minerals and electrolytes balanced and my body feeling well.” -S.F.

“I won't run without the Electrolyte Mix. From what I can find it's the only mineral and hydration product out there with sufficient amounts of electrolytes. Especially when it's hot but really just any time I go for a long run or even working out at the gym I find that the Electrolyte Mix keeps me running on all cylinders. Excellent product!” -T.D.



Detox Vites


Better Than Wonderful

"I do appreciate the fact that you have a product like no other.  That’s the simple truth.  Dr. Price's Detox Vitamins are VERY exciting.  This is a fabulous product, which is really an understatement when you consider that it makes doing the program so much easier for all concerned.  It's better than wonderful"

-Kathy Thomas Senior C/S, Narconon Int.


Working Miracles

"I wanted to make it widely known that Dr. Price's powdered Detox Vitamins in all forms are working miracles here at Freedom Center and we are honored to have been allowed to take part in this pilot and value them as a provider for us."

-Brian Kuehne Executive Director,NarcononFreedomCenter


Easy to Work With

"Overall the powder vitamins were EXTREMELY easy to work with, had an infinite amount of ways to mix and drink so you could tailor it to the individual, produce quicker results with less upset and which were more clearly able to be defined as a reaction, rather than an upset stomach due to the vitamin.  I think that the student recovered more quickly from reactions, and also showed marked improvement in overall heath VERY quickly once starting the program.  Reports of sleeping better and feeling better were coming much quicker in the program once started than with other vitamins (pills, capsules and tablets). I did have the chance to use the Sleep vitamins on one individual and it was an immediate fix to his inability to sleep which enabled him to move forward with his program".

-Stacey Payne CCDC, RAS, CAADACI

Rehabilitation Services Supervisor, NNFreedomCenter



Withdraw Vites


Nothing Beats Dr. Price’s New Withdraw Vites

“Given alcoholics’ notorious poor nutrition coupled with their diminished ability to absorb nutrients, and knowing the immense importance of getting B and other vitamins into their systems as quickly and efficiently as possible, nothing beats Dr. Price’s new powdered Withdraw Vites.  I have used these also in workshops with persons long, long off drugs, but still looking and feeling malnourished.  Using this powdered in lesser amounts within minutes they remarked how much better they felt.  These are standard nutrients in a form more easily deliverable. Thank you Dr. Price, for this help.”

-Clark Carr, President Narconon International


Much Easier on the Stomach

Dr. Price’s Withdraw vitamins have worked wonderfully for our students atNarcononVistaBay. They are easier to digest and 9 out of 10 students prefer them over the usual bulky pills. Per the students, the powdered vitamins are much easier on the stomach. Dr. Price’s Withdraw Vitamins have produced great results for us and we look forward to continued use of their product.”

-Matt G.,SDPVistaBayNarconon


Students Enjoy Taking Them

“Since we started using Dr. Price’s Withdraw Vitamins, our job has become easier.  Students enjoy taking them and don’t complain about taste or upset stomachs.  It has been a huge success for all.”

-Bernie Donegan, Executive Director Narconon Huntington House