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What is Sleep and What Might be the Problem?


Sleep is the time when the body handles needed neurological and physical maintenance on itself. The awareness of outside drops away and then you go to sleep.


Over the many years of my practice I have run into people who have a severe difficulty in going to sleep and in staying asleep. I found that most people who MUST get enough sleep are the ones most susceptible to the problem.


Sleep comes in the absence of all other important tasks. If something has to be done you may lay awake and have attention on that task. If sleep is your task you may be watching yourself to see if you are sleeping (you have to stay awake to do that) and then of course you can become frustrated or angry and worried that you won't have enough sleep for the next day's requirements.


What it seems to boil down to, is that some people have attention on the DUTY or the TASK of going to sleep and staying asleep. It becomes very IMPORTANT to them. Most people take this job or task very seriously and will do everything possible to accomplish this task. This usually takes energy and attention and they become very awake in order to accomplish their job of sleeping.


As someone fails to accomplish this job, frustration, anger, disappointment and fear can set in. All of these cause adrenaline to be dumped into the system. adrenaline is always to overcome the barriers that lie in the way of an accomplishment. As you know, adrenaline is the anti-sleep hormone.


Simple solutions to a complex problem:


1. Make sure your body is well fed because hunger causes adrenaline.


2. Make sure that all stimulants such as caffeine, sugar, chocolate, tea, energy drinks, etc. are stopped within 6 hours of bedtime.


3. There are many products on the market today, most of these products seem to overdose the patient, which can cause dependency, or cause the body to fight against it. The vitamins I recommend are Dr. Prices Sleep Vites. They have been proven to establish a restful condition in the body, allowing sleep to occur in a very natural and comfortable way. Sleep Vitamins are a balanced combination of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. 


4. Stay with a simple bedtime routine. (Don't make going to sleep a project.) Brush your teeth, shower, read a book, etc. Do whatever you normally did before you had a sleep problem. Do not add extra complex procedures to make yourself go to sleep.


5. There may need to be a wind-down period of about two hours before sleep to allow the body to slow the metabolism and begin the sleep cycle. During this wind down: keep the light down,  read in dim light, keep away from the bright light of television, etc. All this will allow the body to start producing melatonin. (Melatonin is produced when the light to the eyes is dim or not there at all. The melitonin stops being made when there is light hitting the eyes even through the eyelids. Melatonin is one of the key regulators for the sleep cycle.)


6. It is important not to approach sleep as a task or a job or something you have to do, Sleep Should Never Be The Goal. If you do this, it will increase your awareness of the outside world. If you are constantly checking to see if you are asleep, which means you are failing,  you will get more adrenaline dump to accomplish the task.


7. When you are ready to sleep, get into a position of comfort and focus on the joy of being comfortable. Then be willing to lie there comfortably and JUST REST. You can always be successful at just lying there comfortably. Because you are now not checking to see if you are asleep, you will be able to slowly drift off into a good comfortable sleep. Remember SLEEP IS THE BY-PRODUCT OF A BODY THAT IS RESTING


8. If you don't have trouble going to sleep but wake in middle of night and can't sleep it's usually because your body needs something. Empty the bladder, drink some water, eat some food and return to bed and find a comfortable position to REST in. Your body is still healing and repairing if you are resting.


Feeling frustrated or angry?

If you are awake and have fear that you may not sleep or go back to sleep or feel frustrated or angry in your failure to go back to sleep it is a sign that you are approaching sleep with the wrong viewpoint. Remember sleep is a natural, regular function of the human body and if you allow it to occur it will occur easily and completely.


Other Recommended Vitamins:

I suggest in the morning take one dose of Daily Power Vites. After lunch take one packet of Energy and Metab Vites. At night take the recommended dose of Sleep Vites. These items can be purchased below:






Why do I recommend these Vitamins?

Advanced Bio-Availability allows supplements to absorb into the bloodstream and the cells without the need to be broken down in the digestive system. This new class of vitamins and minerals delivers dietary supplements into the cells like a nutritional laser.